Do the right thing

Professor Jacob Brower shows why corporate social responsibility programs still matter. Even if they don’t pay off like they used to.

Alumni Entrepreneurs Spread the Joy of Love and Noodles

For some, love is a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. But for Shanshan Liu BComm’11 and Jian Li BComm’12, it’s a pile of fried chicken atop a hot bowl of ramen.

Lost Spaces

From campus bunkbeds for napping to diving boards for canon-balling into the river, long-forgotten University of Manitoba haunts surface in virtual tour.

Ingenuity Labs to study real-world applications of human-robot interaction

The multidisciplinary program aims to give about 60 graduate students in engineering the skills needed to design mobile robots that can interact with humans.

How to Become a Morning Exercise Person in Any Season

Good vibes and good friends are a good start.

Clearing the air

Concordia researchers and alumni are out to improve every breath we take.

The Curse of Overconfidence

Self-confidence is in the DNA of successful entrepreneurs, but too much can cloud decision-making. Here’s how to keep overconfidence in check.

Opera on the brain

How does operatic training affect memory, cognitive functioning, and learning?

Compromise conundrum

A new study finds that new-to-the-workforce employees might make less-than-optimal choices when it comes to their benefits packages when faced with too much information. How can employers and employees address that risk?

World on fire

How the Queen’s University Biological Station takes a multi­disciplinary – and symbiotic – approach to solving the environmental crisis.